In production!

3 Oct

I’ve waited a while to write these words: PALACE LIVING is in production! After a hectic two days in Rockland County and Brooklyn, we travelled up to the Catskills a week ago, and have been shooting nonstop up here ever since. If you’re keeping score at home, we’re nine days into our 17 day shoot.

How’s it going, you ask? There’s stress and we’re tired, but there’s a lot of excitement about what we’re doing. The cast and crew are hitting their stride, and I’m really happy with our footage. We’re a unified front, working hard and collaborating to make a film we believe in. 

This would be a good time to acknowledge some of the additions to our team, since we shot the trailer last year. I’d like to welcome Jason Siegel and Alyssa Mann to the project, as Ethan and Teresa. Owen Donovan has stepped in as Director of Photography and brought a stylized spin to the project. Biljana Ilic has done a great job as producer, putting all the pieces together. I don’t have space here to acknowledge everyone, but we have a great crew who have brought their diverse talents and experiences to the project.

While we’re shooting, stay tuned to our Facebook page (search for Palace Living) for more regular updates, and more photos! In the meantime, thanks again for following the project.

Back to shooting,



21 Aug

First off–a big thank you to everyone who supported the film through our IndieGoGo campaign. As I just wrote on Facebook, if I could hug all of you, I would (but probably not all at the same time).

With your help, we’re now able to move into the next phase of our plan for global conquest: pre-production. With most of the key elements of the film locked in, we’re now able to move onto the details–and when you’re talking about a feature film with over 100 scenes, there are a lot of details. We’re tracking down the remaining locations, filling in gaps in our crew, casting supporting roles, ironing out the schedule and logistical details, rehearsing with the cast, fine-tuning the script, etc.   

That sounds like a lot, but we approach it all with tremendous enthusiasm, because we’re lucky enough to be watching the film come together before our eyes. 

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