Grandview Palace

15 Apr

If you haven’t heard, Grandview Palace went up in flames last night. Read about the fire here and here. View footage here.

Our hearts go out to the building residents and management. No one is known to have been injured in the fire. The building has about 400 units and 75 year-round residents, some of whom have been moved to a nearby shelter.

Grandview Palace was the primary location for our film, and a welcoming home to our cast and crew for about two weeks. We were lucky enough to get to know the building management, staff and many building residents, including several of our supporting cast members and numerous extras. In addition to being a loss for the current residents, this was a cherished place for many who visited Grandview Palace (and its previous incarnation as Brown’s Hotel) over the past 70 years.

Grandview Palace was fascinating and special, and we are sad to see it go.

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